Star Wars

Darth Vader iPhone Case

That's no Moon

Did you know there is a new Star Wars movie being released soon? I knew ages ago they were working on it, but it’s starting to really get attention the closer it gets to release. I had a request for Death Stars recently and found the Darth Vader cell phone case while looking through Ravelry. I love that site. <3

Death Stars were altered from a pattern found on Ravelry.

Darth Vader case pattern by Anna Vozika on Ravelry.—darth-vader—iphone-5-case-cozy-sleeve-cover

Halloween Round-Up


Check out these awesome Autumn patterns shared at Hodge Podge!

Originally posted on HodgePodge Crochet:

It’s HodgePodge Halloween Round-Up Time!! Kick back and enjoy some of my FAVORITE Halloween themed crochet patterns!! Halloween Round Up

Ghost Swaddle Sack and Hat Set – Halloween by Illumikniti Designs—halloween Halloween Round Up

Skull Motif Scarf – Continuous by Kimberlie Goodnough—continuous Halloween Round Up

Carly Headband by Divine Debris Halloween Round Up

Link Costume by Jaime DeVries Halloween Round Up

Hawk Eyes & Spikes by Misty Makes–spikes Halloween Round Up

Police Call Box slouch hat by Misty Makes Halloween Round Up

Pirate Eye Patch by The Crafty Geekette Halloween Round Up

Frankenstein Monster Halloween Candy Hauler Tote by Articles of a Domestic Goddess Halloween Round Up

Halloween Cat, Skeleton, & Monster Beanie Pattern Set by April Bennett with Cuddle Me Beanies–monster-beanie-pattern-set Halloween Round Up

ScareCrow Beanie Pattern by April Bennett with Cuddle Me Beanies Halloween Round Up

Francis Stein by Defy Society Arts Halloween Round Up

Halloween Mini Playset by Tera Kulling Halloween Round Up

Trick or Treat Bags by Spider Mambo Halloween Round Up

Candy Corn Rat aka Science by Amanda Lawson Halloween Round Up

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Weddings are hard

These two are getting married in just over a month. Cute couple of kids, aren't they?

These two are getting married in just over a month. Cute couple of kids, aren’t they?

Weddings are hard on everyone involved in them, I think. I really don’t know though because I cheated all three of my weddings. My first two were Justice of the Peace. First one was no dress, no suit, no witnesses. It was a bad idea all the way around. Second one was a little better with witnesses but I was also already pregnant and getting married was his only idea on support for the kid. He’s since slacked on support. Number three, my husband and co-workers actually put it together. All I had to do was get the dress and show up. Oh, and say I do.

These big extravagant kinds just blow my mind. Invitations, outfits for all the people involved, gifts, a reception, and even a honeymoon. If I were ever to have gotten a honeymoon, maybe I’d feel differently about being married but until that happens, I’m still a cynical old broad.

These two though are adorable. I wish them the best of luck and hope that the drawings I’ve been creating for their reception after the huge ceremony are a hit and a true keepsake they can share with others many years from now. Still a work in progress, but I’ll share when they are all released. :)

Look familiar?


This is happening with many different art forms. Larger companies are just trying to knock the little folks out of the water. I’m glad I was able to find this post, however, and link to THE ORIGINAL designer. Perhaps you could share and keep Drops Design from getting a cut.

Originally posted on The Yarn Bearer:

You may be familiar with my Gaia shrug pattern:


Perhaps you can see the resemblance to a pattern published by Drops:


We have a growing trend here. Large yarn industry companies are ignoring the rights of smaller, indie designers by stealing our patterns to sell their products. The most recent is the issue with Trendsetter Yarns and the Wingspan pattern by Maylin. This gained a lot of exposure, but there are many cases, like mine, that fly below the radar.

I was happy to see a resolution between Trendsetter Yarns and Maylin, although TY’s apology was lacking. If you’re a fiber enthusiast, please support the rights of indie designers and not companies that choose to exploit their works. I have tried to contact Drops about the Gaia pattern situation, but they have never responded. There may not be anything I can do about them removing the pattern, but I can…

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DIY Glow In The Dark Yarn


Looking for a cool new project for that perfect Halloween decoration? This could help.

Originally posted on HodgePodge Crochet: DIY Glow in the Dark Yarn

Lately I’ve been having all sorts of fun experimenting with ‘dying’ acrylic yarn all kinds of colors for all sorts of projects! My latest was a cute shade of pink that I wanted to use in a brand new design I’m working on!! DIY Glow in the Dark Yarn

For those that missed the process on how to dye acrylic yarn, make sure you check out my ‘ How to ‘DYE’ Acrylic Yarn’ blog post before going any further to find out how to make your own!

I’ve been wanting to try some new ideas using the ‘dying’ technique, so a few weeks ago when I found myself wandering down the craft aisle of my local WalMart–which is actually quite depressing…but that’s a whole other blog post–toward the paint, I had no idea what I’d find until I started hunting…and then I had an idea!

I happened to see a bottle of this stuff sitting in among…

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Family portrait

Uh oh! I forgot about this part of school. My Kindergartner needed to take a family portrait to school for her assignment. We don’t have a family portrait. Well, not of us anyway. I have plenty of my cousin’s family. :) But that doesn’t count, does it?

Not having what’s needed, I compensated by drawing one. Sometimes having some drawing skills helps.

Family caricature for my daughter's school project.

Family caricature for my daughter’s school project.

No spoilers, please

I’ve not yet seen the movie, but a pal of mine requested a baby Groot. I gave it ago. He’s a cute little thing. Now I want to see the movie even more so I can see what this is about.

Baby Groot made by me. Pattern by Twinkie Chan.

Baby Groot made by me.
Pattern by Twinkie Chan.