Baby Bootie Blocking


Sick of reblogs lately? lol
I’m working on some baby booties and I mistakenly made my first pair half an inch short. They are made with cotton thread so I’m hoping to fix them using Hodge Podge’s tutorial here. Have you used this tutorial before? Did it work for you? What fabric were you using?

I’ll post the baby booties very soon.

Originally posted on HodgePodge Crochet:

So, you FINALLY got around to making that perfect pair of baby booties!! Congratulations on your accomplishment! I seriously consider baby booties a right of passage for any crocheter because they test your skill set like nothing else in crochet will (except maybe mittens–but we’ll save that for another post).

In order to be successful with baby booties you not only have to make ONE absolutely perfect, but then you have to replicate that to make a SECOND shoe identical to the first. It’s not as simple as it sounds–trust me on that.

Sometimes you end up making that first shoe and things kinda go horribly wrong. Only, you don’t want to admit it to yourself (or anyone watching) so you plow on and end up with something like this: Baby Bootie Blocking

If your shoes look anything like these, (twisting, curling, and even if they aren’t exactly both the same length) you…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 6


It’s that time again. Here’s square 6 in the crochet along.
I admit, I’m a bit behind. How are you in your squares?

Originally posted on Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K:

Yay so it’s time for block 6!!! I can’t believe we are a quarter of the way finished already!

For meMoogly (aka designerTamara Kellyand crochet are synonymous! When I first started out re-learning crochet (and still now) this is the blog I follow for inspiration and fabulous tutorials – she is also the inspiration behind this CAL so I wanted to include one of her patterns. 

Amongst her amazing designs is our next block.  I’ve always been fascinated by mandalas and Tamara designed one in a square – perfect! A mandala (if you are not familiar with the term) loosely translated means “circle.  Mandalas can come in many forms and, in the creation, aid meditation – and who doesn’t need a bit of inner peace now and again. 

This square is available for free (and has been since July 2013) on theMoogly Blog

Magic Spike Mandala Square – 12″ by Tamara Kelly


  • Hook: UK 5.5 mm…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 5


Hey! Have you been keeping up with the CAL? There is an album for each square made on the Facebook group so that you can share your creations with the others in this CAL. Let us all drool over your color choices and design arrangement.

Originally posted on Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K:

I class myself as very lucky to have lots of designer friends and the lovely Michelle From Home has kindly designed this next block especially for us.  Some of you may have also got to know her in the Facebook CAL Group as she is another of the fabulous Admin who helps me out there. 

Michelle  has used a unique variation of the ‘larksfoot stitch’ for this block which I’d never done before.  I love how this CAL is adding to our growing mental stitch encyclopaedia!

This square is currently free on Ravelry and will be forever (yay!).

Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern.

Larksfoot Inspired Afghan Square by Michelle Warwick



  • Hook: 6mm (size J hook) For this pattern it is recommended that you check your tension and gauge as you crochet this square. After fourrows, your square should measure 4” wide. If you are off, you will need to…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 4


In case you’re following along, here is square 4. Read through the post to find the link to the next square for KCACO-CAL2015. :)
Maybe one day soon I’ll block mine and share what I’ve been making with these. I’ve never blocked before and worry that I’ll mess it up so I’m waiting. lol (insert chicken sounds here)

Originally posted on Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K:

So we had a bit of fun with block 4, putting it out for a public vote, and I can now reveal that the square that received the majority vote was ‘F’ – the ‘Harriett’ Square!  Although we are on block 4 there is still plenty of time to catch up – the full schedule and details about the CAL can be found here.

I love this fun design which plays with an octagonal shape inside a square.  It’s all created with simple stitches and produces a lovely end result.

This square is currently free on Ravelry (and has been since June 2013).

Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern.

Harriett Square 12″ by Carolyn Christmas


  • Hook: UK 5 mm / US Size H
  • Yarn: Aran / 10 ply / Worsted / Weight #4
  • Colours: Works great with up to 5 different colours changes but I would suggest at least 2…

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KCACO-UK Afghan CAL 2015 -Block 2


I did not share the second square in the CAL that I’ve joined, hosted by KCACO-UK, so here it is.

Originally posted on Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K:

Yay our next square is here!! And it’s a beauty!  This block has been designed by the fabulous Kimberlie of ShopKimberlie, a good friend of mine, who some of you might have got to know as one of my lovely Admin in the Facebook CAL Group.

You are going to LOVE this square!  I did because it introduced me to a new technique; the Jacob’s Ladder which I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with!  So without further ado may I introduce the…

Ladder Loops Afghan Square by Kimberlie Goodnough

This square will be available as a free Ravelry download throughout the end of the year 2015 (December 31, 2015).



  • Hook: UK 5.5 mm / US Size I
  • Yarn: Aran / 10 ply / Worsted / Weight #4
  • Colours: Works best in at least 4-5 different colours
  • Pattern contains English and American crochet terms: see the following link for a printable conversion chart: 

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Making Laundry Soap


I think I recall this being shared last year, but I’d never heard of the soap before so I skimmed through it and forgot about it. I may have to find some of this soap though. My kids are getting older and with a miner in the house, I’d like to give this recipe the once over and see if it works better and saves like it’s said to. :)

Originally posted on From Home Crochet:

If you’re anything like me, you like to save money… so that you can buy the most AMAZING new bag from Shaggy Baggy! Okay, that wasn’t why I make my own laundry soap, but I do like that I can make a batch that lasts me for 6-8 months (or more) and only costs me about $25. It works great, smells clean and most importantly, is HE friendly for my front load washer!

 The materials are pretty simple and can be found at your grocery store. The recipe I use came from a pin I had stumbled on by How Does She? about a year and a half ago (maybe slightly more), and this is my third batch of soap since then. What you need:

1 (4 lb 12 oz) Box of Borax

1 (3 lb 7 oz) Box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

1 (3…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 3


I hadn’t thought until now to share the rest of the squares with you, in case you wanted to join in without joining the group. Here is square 3. If you need square 2, I can go back and share that one as well.

Originally posted on Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K:

So it’s time for block 3 already, these blocks are coming round quick! 

So sometimes you just see some crocheted loveliness and think one day I am going to have to make that.  For me this CAL is definitely helping me fulfil my wish list.  I really feel as if I have had this next pattern saved FOREVER so it was a joy to finally make it up.  

This square is free (and has been since Mar 2011) on the Crochetville site.

Yarn Clouds by Amelia Beebe


  • Hook: UK 5 mm / US Size H
  • Yarn: Aran / 10 ply / Worsted / Weight #4
  • Colours: Works great in single colours or up to 5 different colours changes.
  • Pattern available in US terminology for conversion chart please click HERE

Specialist stitches:

Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC) - Yarn over, insert hook from back of work through side of specified stitch, going in…

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