13 Things To Remember When You Love A Person Who Has Depression


I haven’t faced some issues in quite some time but lately it’s been getting worse. I went to a clinic and the doc diagnosed me with severe depression. I also had high blood pressure at that time, which was a first for me. I came across this article on things to remember when someone you know has depression and I have to agree with them. It’s an exhausting illness, and often times a very lonely one too. It’s nice to know that others understand and can help explain it so that those who don’t know, can begin to understand too. As for me, I’m on medication again to try and help. They give me awful headaches, but I think they’re helping a bit. Only time will tell. Much love to ewe!

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asitansuave asitansuave

1. Depression is not a choice.

Depression is one of the most helpless and frustrating experiences a person can have. It’s sometimes feeling sad, sometimes feeling empty, and sometimes feeling absolutely nothing at all. There are times when depression can leave someone feeling paralyzed in their own mind and body, unable to do the things they used to love to do or the things they know they should be doing. Depression is not just a bad day or a bad mood and it’s not something someone can just “get over.” Remember no one chooses to be depressed.

2. Saying things like “it’ll get better,” “you just need to get out of the house,” or “you’ll be fine” is meaningless.

It’s easy to tell someone these things because you think you’re giving them a solution or a simple way to make them feel better and to ease their pain, but these…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 10


Another flowery looking square to add to the other 9 being used to make the afghan for the 2015 CAL. How many have you made so far?

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They say that variety is the spice of life! Applied to crochet I think that means we shouldtry lots of different things because that keeps lifeinteresting!  So this next block has just the perfect name for a CAL such as this one which is ALL about variety and it introduces us to a new stitch; popcorn stitch (which are the puffy ones in the picture below).

This square is free (and has been since February 2012) on the My Blue Angels blogspot.

Although we are on block 10 there is still plenty of time to catch up – the full schedule and details about the CAL can be found here.

Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern or add it to your Ravelry queue here.

Embracing Variety by Aurora Suominen


  • Hook: 5 mm (US Size H)
  • Yarn: Aran / 10…

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A great idea for a crafter to share her talents and help others. Thanks Serah!

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On April 25, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal—the country that I’ve made my home—causing widespread devastation. The quake, the worst to hit the country in over 80 years, has wiped out entire villages, and claimed over 5500 lives (this number is increasing by the hour), injured and paralyzed many, and rendered countless homeless. The United Nations estimates that over 8 million people have been affected.

Five days after the quake and we are still digging out a few lucky survivors from under the heap of rubble that is what’s left of Kathmandu now. Those whose houses have either been rendered uninhabitable or reduced to rubble are living out in the open. Food and clean drinking water is in short supply, creating panic among the people. The situation is much worse outside of the capital city.

Though emergency relief materials, including food, water, water purifiers, and medical supplies, are being…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 9


Another square already! Can you believe it? Gosh this year is flying by. How are you doing with your squares? Are you keeping up?

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So this next block is another one of those blocks that I’ve had saved for ages because it’s just so COOL looking!  This nice repetitive pattern means that once you ‘get it’ you can hook the triangle construction fairly easily.  This square is free (and has been since January 2010) on theTiggerbee’s Buzz blogspot and the lovely Jacqui has now additionally added this to Ravelry for us as a download with some extra notes.  Plus on Ravelry there is also a link to a chart of the block created by StabtheWool for those that like diagrams.

Although we are on block 9 there is still plenty of time to catch up – the full schedule and details about the CAL can be foundhere.

Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern on the blog or add it to your Ravelry queue here.

On the Huh…

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 8


Trying to keep up as far as sharing goes, even though I’m behind on this project myself. I’d started this project for my son but his impatience led me to work up a corner to corner afghan for him. This project for me is on hold, due to orders, but here it is for you if you’re brave enough and not ADD enough to keep up. lol

Feel free to leave a comment and link to what you’re making with these. :) I’d love to see what colors you chose and your thoughts on this CAL.

Happy Hooking!

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As you hopefully know to make this CAL a bit different from others every block, that is a multiple of 4 (e.g. 4,8,12,16,20), will be selected by YOU in apublic vote. I can now reveal that the square that received the majority vote was ‘D’ which IS…. the ‘Tiptoe Through the Tulips’ Square!

Designed by another fabulous designer friend, Samantha from Silverdragon Crafts & CrittersSamantha has kindly designed this super pretty block especially for this CAL. One of the great things about it, other than how lovely it is, is that it really doesn’t need blocking when you are done!

This square is currently free on Ravelry and will be forever (yay!).

Although we are on block 8 there is still plenty of time to catch up – the full schedule and details about the CAL can be foundhere.

Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern

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KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 7


It’s that time again. Square 7 is up and being added to the crochet along. What colors did you end up going with? Did you change them after you got started? I’ve noticed a few unhappy hookers swapping colors and redoing their squares. I haven’t changed colors because these are what my son picked. I sometimes allow him to decide what color should come next so they end up pretty um… spectacular.

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I have to say that I was drawn to block 7 particularly for the name; an Easter named square for Easter weekend. This is a simple square which is perfect, as the designer says, for advanced beginners and the design allows for super versatility for playing around with the colours you have chosen for your blanket.  

You should have a look on the Ravelry Projects for this one if you are looking for some inspiration as there are some really lovely and unique colour combinations! Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern.

This square is available for free (and has been since April 2009) on the Smooth Fox Crochet and Knit Blog

Free SmoothFox’s Easter Day Square by Donna Mason-Svara


  • Hook: UK 5.5 mm / US Size I
  • Yarn: Aran / 10 ply / Worsted / Weight #4
  • Colours: As many as you like!
  • Pattern available in…

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The booties

The pattern I started with got and update and changed a wee bit so the pink booties are a tad different than the white ones, but they were all from Fancy Bird Designs Fancy Sandal pattern. They turned out so well that I ran out to a craft store a few hours away to buy more beads and thread to try them in a different color. I’ll have to mix and match though because the flowers and ribbon are a bit harder to come by.

I hand washed these in the sink with Tide Free & Gentle and then stuffed them with dry paper towels. The weather was nice that day so I put them on my ironing board and sat them in the sun for a faster dry. I used the sun and a baby blanket I’m working up now as a backdrop for the final photos. Kind of nice, right?

Using Hodge Podge's tutorial shared in the last post, I shaped these four sets of booties.

Using Hodge Podge’s tutorial shared in the last post, I shaped these four sets of booties.


Before shaping and adding ribbon to the top edge, I filled the booties with polyfil to keep shape while sharing progress with a client.


Here is the final result. Cute pattern, great shaping tutorial. They were hand washed in Tide Free & Gentle and stuffed with dry paper towels.