The story

I haven’t worked on this story in a few years. I started it back in 2010 and have been busy with, well, life, since. I plan to finish it this year and I’m using National Novel Writing Month for encouragement and to keep me accountable. There are already well over 53,000 words but it still needs editing and such. Being that it hasn’t been touched in about two years I’m having to read it again to regain my train of thought, and possibly do some editing along the way before NaNoWriMo begins on Friday.

I’d like to share the synopsis I have with you.

“What would you say if I told you my mother was crazy, maybe even certifiable?” The young girl shifted in her chair, waiting for the elderly woman to respond. Her mind started running through a multitude of possible responses and reactions. Most people in town knew of her mother as eccentric or strange, but they usually avoided using the ‘C’ word, at least in front of TJ.

Little did TJ realize, her own sanity would soon be tested. She’d lived her life like most ordinary kids, with the exception of having to raise her younger sister due to mother’s insanity. With her father gone and her older brother missing, TJ has to take charge of the home situation.

TJ quickly realizes that her mother’s eccentric ways are based off of truth when she witnesses her younger sister kid-napped by a mysterious creature who fades away into the shadows. She’s soon tossed into a world of fantasy and learns that she too has the Powers of Faerie.

This new world is one on the brink of war and only by learning to control the magick within herself will she be able to survive the trials ahead. With the help of some friendly dwarfs she pushes her beliefs, knowledge and strengths to the limit to bring back her family and understand who she truly is.

I hope you’ll join me as I get to know TJ again and write out her story.


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