A novel, a portrait, and gifts galore!

A sneak peek at the final attempt of gift 3.

A sneak peek at the final attempt of gift 3.

I don’t even recall getting a chance to open my novel today. I may end up having to play catch up on the writing next month and just focus on gift making and Sketch A Day this month. It’s harder than I thought it would be taking care of my family as well as taking on these challenges. The large portrait has been asked to be delivered tomorrow so my last chance to work on it is tonight and it’s a bit past 11:30 PM already. With my wee ones waking with the sun, I’ve not much time to finish this gift, and the portrait before heading to bed. I’ll see what I can do with the novel and keep you posted. I’m eager to finish it this year, whether this month or next.

In the meantime, as promised, a snippet of the novel in question:

The air stood still. It was as if the world had stopped and she was the only one moving. She edged closer to the shed and could feel her heart beating against her chest as though it wanted to burst out. She was scared. Everything seemed to freeze suddenly. Ruth could see her breath as she tried to keep her breathing slow and steady in order to calm her racing pulse.
Ruth ’s heart was racing. What was she going to say? What would she do? Who could possibly be in her shed? She paused outside the door and edged around to peer inside through the crack in the door. A black mass passed just in front of the door and she jumped back. She was so scared she wasn’t sure she’d be able to find her voice. Then she glanced over her shoulder to see TJ looking through the curtains on the back door.

“Suck it up,” Ruth told herself, “or you may just lose two more babies like you did the last one.” She clicked on the flashlight. “Hey, who ever’s in there, you don’t belong! I have a gun and I’ve called the cops! They’re on their way!”

Whoever was in the shed shifted and knocked something over. There was a loud clatter as objects hit the floor. Her heart skipped a beat and she jumped again and had to try to catch her breath. She held the flashlight towards the door with both hands to simulate holding a flashlight as well as a gun in case whoever it was stepped out to face her, not knowing otherwise. As her heart regained its racing pace she stepped in front of the shed still holding the flashlight up in front of her. There was silence. It was almost deafening it was so quiet. Nothing moved. There wasn’t even the sound of insects in the trees and grass.

Taking a deep breath and realizing she could still hear, she hollered out again. “I said I have a gun and the cops have been notified! You can stay in there and wait for them to arrive or you can leave now!”

The door creaked open slowly pouring light out onto the path where Ruth stood and the garden beyond. Taking a step back, she shielded her eyes from the light and then realizing her mistake thrust her hands back together at the flashlight. A large shadow blocked out the light and stretched out across the garden.

“RUTH ANN O’NEIL,” a deep voice growled out her name sending a shiver up her spine.

“Wh-who’s there?” she asked unsteady now and taking another step back. She thought she recognized that voice.

“RUTH ANN O’NEIL,” it growled again. The sound was deep, throaty, like that of a dog but human enough to speak. The silhouette standing in the door was of a human shape so it obviously wasn’t a dog. Was she hearing things?

To read more, stay tuned. Much love to ewe!

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