Tooned Out~ SkADaMo 9

My son being silly and cute, tooned out.

My son being silly and cute, tooned out.

I’ve thought of joining the thousands of other creative minds on the interwebs by creating a web comic. The comic isn’t just meant to share the silliness of my life with the world, but to hone in on my drawing abilities by creating characters that I would have to bend, turn, and repeat on a daily basis. I can do portraits from pictures, because that’s more or less just copying what I see. What I have trouble with is creating a character and drawing it repetitively and have it still look like the same character. One of my college instructors suggested I K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple, Stupid. I still struggle with this which is why my original blog, which some of you have found stealthed under PhatGirlsDream has not yet come to life. The Sketch A Day was a challenge I took on with the thought in mind that I could practice some caricatures and characters to get me started. I’ve seen other comics start out slowly and build up their drawing skills, but I’m not that brave. I need to get over it, huh? We’ll see. Thanks for stopping by & much love to ewe.


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