Crochet headphones

Comfy replacement.

Comfy replacement.

My son likes to steal the headphone covers off of our headphones. Doesn’t matter the style, they all belong to him. Mine was attached a bit more than others and he got it off of that one too. (I still haven’t found the missing piece.) My husband had foam covers on his and they had been stolen so often that they finally tore. Even my oldest daughter’s headphones are not safe from my wee thief. She uses the kind that go inside your ear with little rubbery covers. (He likes to chew on these.) I can’t crochet replacements for my daughter’s but I have for mine and my husband’s and they are super comfy. The pattern I used is on Ravelry by Helen A-J. If you are ever in need of covers that will stay on well and feel great, you should try this pattern out.

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