Frozen Concept Art

I’m going to bed a bit earlier tonight than I have been. My butt has been dragging the last two days from staying up till around 3 AM, and it’s a really big butt, so let’s not do it, right? I haven’t any real good ideas to sketch for tonight. I’m too busy working on this knit item to want to draw because come Thursday I’ll be spending a good part of the morning trying to entertain my two young ones while my oldest gets a root canal. Then that evening I’ll be attending my first Crochet Guild gathering. I’m excited and anxious. I have no friends here, having moved here last year and this is a good opportunity to get out and meet with like minded folks. I’m also tempted to stay home and skip the idea, because of my anxiety. I have a project I plan on taking with me to the meeting so I want to get this one done.

Sooo, instead of the usual sketch by me, I wanted to share with you some concept art for the movie, Frozen by Disney, coming out next Thursday.

I’ll see you tomorrow with two sketches. Promise.

Frozen Concept Art.

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