SkADaMo ~ Day 19 and 20

What will they be? What are they now?

What will they be? What are they now?

A few days ago I decided to go outside and knit in the car while I waited for my oldest to arrive home from school. She walks so it could take any amount of time for her to round the corner of the street. I was planning to jump out of the car and surprise her. I waited till I saw her come around the corner of the block (we live center of the block) and noticed she had her nose in a book. This would make jumping out to scare her even better. I waited till she was just beside the car and swung open the door, jumping out and shouting “What are you doing”. She froze with a surprised look on her face. Berating me all the way inside for being mean to her, when she closed the door, her dad was standing behind the door and snarled at her, scaring her even more than I had. She nearly jumped out of her skin and playfully hit him with her book.

Fast forward to tonight. My husband was really late getting home from work tonight. The kids and I went out to eat and when we returned home I suggested we wait in the car for him to get home so she could return the favor. The oldest agreed and giggling, ran up to the house to turn on a light inside so it would appear as though we were already inside waiting for him. We waited for about 10 minutes before she decided she was bored and wanted to go inside.

This leads to the first illustration here of my daughter as a detective on a stake out. “I’m bored. Let’s go do something.” Ha! I wonder what career she will choose.

The second illustration is of my son on his trike. When my son is trying to get our attention he speaks to us with a growl that reminds me of Danny in the movie The Shining. When Danny mentions Tommy, the little boy who lives in his mouth, he gets a growl to his voice. “Red Rum. Red Rum! Red Rum!!” My son speaks like this too and it cracks me up. Does he have a little demon showing through?

Hope you like the illustrations. I’ll try to come up with something more entertaining tomorrow, though it’s going to be a pretty busy day. Much love to ewe!


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