SkADaMo ~ Day 21

Can you believe how quickly this month is going? It’s already the 21st! I’ve already pulled my bird out to thaw to ensure it’s completely defrosted for Thanksgiving in a week. Our refrigerator seems to take a bit longer to do so than I’d like. 

The meeting with the locals was so much more fun than I’d expected it to be. My anxiety had me thinking of not going at all, but I really needed to get out. My younger daughter worried that I wasn’t going to come back if I left because I tease them that they drive me bonkers to the point I’m running away. Poor things were in tears when I left but so very happy to see me when I returned. I look forward to our next meeting, with or without the kids. I’ll have to share more about the meeting itself another time. 

Tonight my oldest shared an interesting joke with me and I started to doodle it out a bit. I’ll have to finish it up tomorrow and clean it up for a proper presentation but tonight’s doodle is the start of it. This will lead to my first paneled drawing so bare with me as I work out the wrinkles. 

Till tomorrow, much love to ewe!


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