SkADaMo ~ Day 22


I’m starting to understand how those who have web comics only submit one or two days a week. The backgrounds, expressions, characters, colors (if any), are all a lot more work than one may imagine. The process it takes, if you ever feel like looking into it, to draw and color one panel is anywhere between 12 – 20 hours from start to finish. Not all artists/illustrators draw on paper first. Tablets and computers are making it easier to get the traditional art feel without the extra step of pencil or ink. I’m doing traditional sketches here because the computer I had such programs on was having too many errors to continue using. I’m not computer literate enough to find out what the problem may be that those programs no longer wish to stay open long enough to complete a couple of hours of work so we bought a new computer. This tiny town seems to lack good computer repair techs.

So, here is the waitress from yesterday’s post with the reaction to what the young man is saying. I hope to finish this over the weekend in a first ever, for me, comic strip. Tomorrow though, in honor of Doctor Who, I may have to do some fan art as well. Are you a Who-vian? I’ve only just started watching a few years ago when a gal pal introduced me to the series as well as Avatar-The Last Airbender.

See you tomorrow!


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