SkADaMo ~ Day 23 (late)

My first comic

It’s official. Krita hates me. I’ve been fighting with this program for the past 6 hours to get this done to post and as close as I am, I still can’t add text! I’m so very frustrated. Argh!!

Well, anyway. I drew another sketch… technically it was last night now, for Sketch A Day Month and scanned it in to post. I thought since I already had all of the components for the “comic strip” I would go ahead and piece it all together. BUT, since I can’t get the text to work, or the program to at least keep responding to me without shutting down, I’ll tell you here what they are saying.

Panel 1: Hello. My name is Frankie. Are you ready to order?
Panel 2: Yes. I’d like to devour the unborn, feast on the flesh of animals and drink the blood of the earth.
Panel 3: Waitress: Um… eep. Mom: What he means is he’d like some eggs, bacon and orange juice.

Regardless of the missing text, I do hope you enjoyed my first ever comic. The joke was extended, but came from my oldest daughter. I have no idea where she got it.

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