SkADaMo ~ Day 26 and a note


I struggled a bit trying to think of something to draw tonight so I decided to go with some emotions of my little drama queen. She’s a pretty hyperactive kid, bouncing around the house in a fit of giggles chasing her brother as they both let out ear piercing shrieks of excitement. When she doesn’t get her way we’ve been putting her in the corner because she immediately throws a tantrum of varying degrees and whines like her world is crumbling around her. I can’t wait till this one’s a teenager. O.O

On a side note, I wanted to share with you all the “proper” yarn to use in kitchen and bath crafts. Whether it’s a hot pad, a dish cloth, or a wash rag, cotton and wool are the suggested yarns. The reason behind this is that they both hold water much easier than acrylic, which is the cheaper and more easy to come by yarn, but the main reason for these in the kitchen, especially for hot pads is that they self extinguish whereas acrylic will melt.

My grandmother is the one who taught me to crochet. I’m pretty certain that she’s only ever used acrylic yarn. I have a critter shaped hot pad she created for me years ago that I could offer as proof. My Granny did everything in acrylic and had no problems. No one died, got hurt, or told her she was doing it wrong. There may not really be a right or wrong type of yarn to use, but there are suggestions and reasons why some people choose to use cotton or wool. I’ve never used cotton or wool. I’ve always wanted to but haven’t yet. I’ve ordered some cotton yarn on discount at Craftsy so play with and do an experiment with.

So whether it’s social norm or whatever, I wanted you to be aware so you can decide for yourself what you would use for the last few projects I’ve shared.


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