Turkey thaw

People thought I was crazy when I set our bird to thaw in the fridge last week, but the USDA says I was doing it right. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for the US and we were gifted a 15 lb turkey from the grocery a few weeks ago. It was such a blessing as I was getting worried we wouldn’t be able to afford anything more than homemade chili.

I’ve been married for seven years and have cooked a turkey a few times in that time period but I always refer to the good ole’ internet for a refresher on how long to cook it, how often to check for dryness, and what temperature to cook it at. We’ve gotten pretty lucky that I’ve not *knock on wood* cooked a dry bird yet, but I don’t wish to leave any room for error.

We are not a high class family, nor are we at poverty level, but more along the lines of your every day middle class family. I don’t buy the expensive rubs, or the ingredients to really make one. I no longer have a basting syringe or brush. I use a spoon and whatever spices I have in the cupboard. I have canned corn, cranberry sauce that was given to us last year, a can of pumpkin, a fresh bag of flour, some margarine, and a few ideas on how to put it all together for a feast my family will actually eat.

This year I’m using tips from The Kitchn for baking our bird. This weekend there is a family get together where instead of bringing left-overs, like we did last year, we’re having a Mexican feast. I look forward to it. What are your family traditions? Does Italy or Great Britain have a Thanksgiving?


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