Sketch a Day Month Line Up

Not everyone knows what this is about so here it is. Linda Silvestri has shared the idea on her blog to post one sketch per day for the month of November. It can be of/about anything. A lot of fellow illustrators jumped right in and since I follow some of them already, I got wind of it too. I thought, why not. I haven’t really drawn much in the past two years so it would make for good practice and keep me on a schedule. So! I give you the fellow Sketch A Day Month-ers! 

(List snagged from Linda’s blog)


Laura Jacobsen

Kelli Thrasher

Laura Franke Parkhurst

Laura Zarrin

Janet McDonnell

Joanne Roberts


Leah Danczyk

Kathryn Ault Noble

Heather Soodak

julie rowan zoch



Kevin Parks

Apple N Pear

Leanne Franson

Karen Lee


Adrienne May

Kathy Moncrief

Jessie Sima

Alison Kipnis Hertz



Yvonne Mes

Louann Brown

Cecilia Clark




Mike R Baker

Jenn DesAutels

Bangers and Mash Design

Bobbie Dacus

Sarah Pecorino

Laura Rackham

BRJacobs Illustration

Felicia Lilley

Nessa Dee

Luda Kiperberg

Maria Koch

Daniela Weil

Mary Flynn

Drew N Bialko

Roberta Baird 

June Goulding

Dana Atnip

Ashley Wolff

Lee Kennedy

Amanda Vacharat

Rachael Sanders

Krystin Avello

Sara Weingartner

Mary Jane Muir


Jill Tadros

Suzanne Kaufman

Laura Hawking

Laurie J. Edwards

Meg Miller

Martin Hand

Heather Nelson


Jan Watford

Sue Frye

Kim Jolly


Blanche Baxter

Roz Fulcher

Diana Zipeto

Angie Jones

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