On the Hook

A few days ago I told ya I was up to no good. Wait, no. I told you that I had some new stuff I wanted to share. Yeah, that’s it. Well, I tried out some borrowed pom pom makers and loved them. The poms came out so much better than what I make on my own with jerry-rigged stuff so I went searching and found some. I also wanted to try cotton out for some real good kitchen and bath cloths. The ones I’ve made for the sink and body really don’t work well in acrylic so I’m going cotton. First time, so I looked around for a good sale. This time of year they are said to be everywhere. I found one that had some Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton for just over a dollar each, so I bought ten. I thought it was a good little haul. Here’s a shot of some of my goodies. The pom makers are Knitter’s Pride in four sizes. I also have some Knitter’s Pride interchangeable circular needles that I love. If you haven’t tried out the brand, give them a try.

This is going to be fun!

This is going to be fun!

Starting up a business is not easy, but making clothing accessories and not having models that are willing to have their photos taken or are too wiggly to get in a good shot makes for displaying the product a bit difficult. So, I looked into getting some new models. Sally’s Beauty Supply has reasonable prices and locally, for me, is the only way to go. I stopped in a couple of days ago and picked up a Styrofoam head. When I got it home and measured it, my guess on it being more of a child size was pretty much dead on. It looked pretty small to me. I showed it to my husband when he got home because I was pretty excited at buying my first model but also told him how they had heads with hair too. He said I could go back and get one since they were about half price. When we returned (took the munchkins with me) they had two on the shelf. This gal here and one like her but with worn eyes. (Meaning they looked faded.) Needing names, as all things do, I’m naming the Styrofoam one Pearl and the other head has a name on her suggesting Miss Jenny.

My new model heads

My new model heads

Pretty cool, right? The shot is terrible because it’s already night here, but you get the idea.

What’s on the hook? Well, I have a couple more farm animals I wanted to make for my son’s birthday tomorrow, but I’m also working on some pillows for a pal in Florida, yeah, same one, and I have an order for a pair of men’s socks. The socks are on hold because my largest set of double pointed needles are size 2. The pattern I’m working for has a gauge that my needles won’t match and I needed smaller anyway. I got on Etsy last night and found some bamboo needles for a great price and hope that they’ll be here by mid week. I’ll share a pic when they get in. I’m making up the pillows as I go, and all three are of different subjects, but here is the first one I’m working on. Recognize it? No spoilers, please. I haven’t read the books nor seen the movies yet.

The start of a project

The start of a project

Hope all is well with ewe. Till next time.

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