Whew! Glad that’s over!

All tuckered out from this nasty little bug.

All tuckered out from this nasty little bug.

After the past few days of whining, tiredness, whining, body aches, whining, headaches, and vomiting, we are back to the usual grumpiness and whining. Hmm. So, my sweet little angel was so wore out yesterday, he slept most of it off. He woke again around 4 AM with a fever but had a pretty good day today. I’m really glad that he did because tomorrow is his second birthday. I ordered what I thought would be this great cake for the family gathering that was supposed to feed 20 people, but it came back large enough for our family of 5. Well, we (being my husband) left it on the kitchen table and my little monkey feeling all better, climbed up on the table and started to dig in. I caught him and moved it to the stove top. He scooted a chair over to the stove and started to get into it again but I caught him before he got to it this time. (I wish I had my camera ready for that one. Hehe!) So, I had to tell Daddy to move it someplace else. Here’s a picture of the cake in all it’s glory before the monkey got to it.

HUGE cake to feed 20!

HUGE cake to feed 20! 

I made a couple of barnyard friends for Joe’s birthday tomorrow. I wanted the toys to be a farm theme this year since he’s showing more interest in the farm play and animals. I’ve already bought him a cow with a blanket and his sister got a pig with a blanket. Both sets needed stitching up when I bought them so the kids are already playing and sleeping with them. Dad’s out getting more items for Christmas and birthday that are not farm themed, so we’ll see how tomorrow will go. I’m starting to think that my fuzzy critters here just lost value. 😦
Footless barn animals for Joe.

Footless barn animals for Joe.

The critters are from patterns made by Sarah Horrocks. Mine are legless because we assume they will become puffy throwing objects in no time, so why would they need feet?

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