Just a quick note.

The bamboo needles we bought for the socks, suck. The double pointed set only came with four so I returned to the shop site they were purchased from and the description does say that they would come in sets of 4. The problem I have right now is the connecting tube on the circular needles. I’m trying to knit a bit looser to help the stitches slide along the tube (also read as cord for the circular) but it actually came apart in the middle of the work. There is a ridge that is catching the stitches and managed to pull apart in the middle of a round dropping some stitches. I am not sure I like these needles, but I can’t dis the Etsy shop I bought them from. More or less, I got what I paid for. I was thinking it was a super sweet deal, but turns out they are just cheaply made. I have to get these socks done though so I’m going to continue with my dpns until the Knitter’s Pride circular I caved in and bought arrives.

I’m just so frustrated right now.


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  1. I am really not a fan of bamboo dpns (however many there are in the set)… currently I am using KnitPro Symphony for socks… they are made of birch and come in sets of six and I really can’t fault them. Their circulars are good too

    • I ordered a circular of birch by Knitter’s Pride called Symfonie Dreamz. I’ve never worked with needles this small before so this is a bit new to me. I think next time though, I will check the count on the set. 4 really isn’t enough for socks.

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