This afternoon I headed out into this miserable weather and sent out a package for charity, one full of gifts and the order of baby and toddler hats. I’m excited to find out the recipients reactions. I hope all of the above are well received. The roads are scary though so unless I have to, I’m not heading out there again until the weather gets better. Freezing rain on impact. I turned the car around and dropped the kids off at the house with their dad. I was afraid that if I couldn’t see and got into an accident they’d be hurt. Yeah, it’s that bad out there. Please be careful, where ever in the world you are.

The mishap with the needles in the wee hours this morning was upsetting. I’ve decided not to frustrate myself any further trying to use 4 needles to make these socks but to instead just wait for the better quality needles to come in.

In the meantime, I pulled out the Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton yarn and started on a little me project. I realized that my husband and I have been thinking of others so much that we haven’t thought of any real gifts for ourselves. I got model heads but they are work related, and he’s getting tools for work. I found a surprise gift earlier in the year I’m going to make for him and I thought I’d make some dish cloths for myself. This cotton is amazing to work with. So soft compared to the acrylic I’m used to using. The needles I’m using are a bit slick for this pattern but after the first three rows it got easier to keep the stitches in place. The pattern I’m using here is from Homespun Living called Waffle Knit Dishcloth. It’s an easy pattern that works up quickly while watching tv. Now that the kids are in bed, I might actually get it completed so I can get back to work on other projects.


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