HoHoDooDa and a sock

I grew up in Texas in a town so small it was often joked by the locals that if you blinked while driving down the interstate, you’d have missed it. It rarely ever snowed there. Ever. One year I recall getting roller skates for Christmas. I zoomed out the door and had to grab the post just outside the front door to keep from falling on my tail. I didn’t know how to skate yet but the thrill of being able to go faster than walking felt a lot like flying. As a kid anyway. Nowadays, I imagine if I were to strap a pair of skates or roller blades to these fat feet, I’d creak and jiggle before falling on my bottom. So here’s my hippopotamus trying not to land on her bottomus.

roller skating hippo

The house is actually modeled after my childhood home.

A brief update on where I am with the socks. The circular needle I ordered hasn’t made it in yet, but I’ve been doing what I can with the set of 4 and the needle that pulled out of the cheap circulars I bought earlier. I’m at the leg part of this one already. I hope with the circular, this will be much easier to do. And faster too because this feels like it’s taking ages to do. Much love to ewe where ever you are!
The first sock still in progress

The first sock still in progress

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