Feeling Froggy and a HoHoDooDa for you

I set to work on the socks again last night and dropped a stitch. I have learned to pick up stitches but this one was dropped in an area that is increasing and made it look a bit funky. So, I frogged back about 20 rows or so. If you knit, you know this is not a fun thing to do because picking up all the stitches again is not always an easy task. This is one of my main reasons for preferring crochet. If I mess up and have to rip it, I only need to pick up one stitch to start working again.

As a breather from the socks, I decided to practice caricature. I’m too lazy to look for reference so this is me in a hat. I added the glasses because I am supposed to wear them. I haven’t had an exam in three years though and my current prescription sucks. They are scratched and fuzzy and I feel that I can see better without them in close proximity of things. I felt the need to fix this so I went in for an eye exam this past week and discovered I have a freckle on my left eye, which is actually the worse of the two. I had no idea that eyes could get freckles too. Who knew? Any way, here’s a doodle of me for ya so you can see who’s behind the ewe. 😉

Hope ewe are having a wonderful day!

Great graph, terrible hat!

Great graph, terrible hat!

Self caricature

A caricature of myself in a terrible fitting hat I made for a skinny head.

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