HoHoDooDa ~ Snow in Egypt

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the snowfall in Egypt. Apparently there hasn’t been snow there in over a century. I’m sure the nights get cold there so they may have been some-what prepared but as for driving, those working out in the weather, they may not have been ready for this. Reports say there are road closings and people trapped in their cars because of such heavy snowfall. There are power outages all over Cairo and Jerusalem and in some areas there is hail and freezing rain. I think, at first it may have been beautiful and strange, but now it’s chaotic and terrifying.

I wonder what it would be like for the animals there. So used to the heat of the summers, would they be able to survive the snow of winter? I found a story about magpies and camels symbiotic relationship whereas the magpie collects camel fur for its nest to keep warm. I think with those claws, surely they can knit some of that fur into caps and scarves for themselves, right? Little sweaters on magpies as they huddle in the snow? No? Okay. Well, I’m sure the magpies are still grateful to the camels this year as they thwart off the chill of this strange new substance falling from the skies.


“At first I thought we were under attack but then I realized it was just snow. Thankfully we had enough extra fur in the nest for some hats. Thanks pal.”

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