Not done? What?!

I really had thought I was done with gifts and started to sit back and relax. Play with my kids a little more than I had been when I realized I hand’t finished the White Elephant gifts. Oh boy! Down to the wire and three gifts to go. Not knowing where else to turn I opened my email in hopes of a miracle and found this one. Knits by Britt popped up in one of my All Free Knitting emails with a lovely polka dot cowl and a matching hat. I set out to do the cowl in black and orange for Harley Davidson colors but spotted the Day Glow sitting here in a bag next to me, begging to be used. I didn’t want the colors to overpower the hat so I used white as the backdrop and Day Glow as the dots. I think it’s turning out just beautifully. Now if only I can concentrate enough to get through the decreasing rounds. I’ve ripped it out about 3 or 4 times now and started over. Well, I better get back to it. As my pal over at Little Tea Cup said earlier, Merry Christmas Eve Eve.


Pretty in Polka Dots pattern by Knits by Britt

2 thoughts on “Not done? What?!

  1. Hi! I’m Britt from Knits by Britt. I love the way your hat is turning out! You picked a lovely yarn combo! Thanks for blogging about me and happy knitting!

    • Thank you. The hat and cowl turned out beautifully. They were gifted and I never got a final picture of them. I’m still hoping to get a shot from the gifted. 🙂

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