Practice makes… more practice

There is no such thing as perfect. We can be perfectionists, but there is nothing that is ever truly perfect. If there were, we’d be done. Nothing else we could create would ever match the perfection of that one thing so there is no point to continue. Right? Right. So, I’m practicing caricatures.


Hoping to get better, and faster at this.

The head honcho of a crochet group I’m in has started making these adorable homemade Shrinky Dinks and the others are going gaga over them. I don’t blame them, because they are absolutely adorable. I’d love to have my logo on a key chain like that. Any way, a coupe of the gals thought it would be cool to get a likeness on them and I was mentioned. Thank you for the mention. I could use some shameless plugs and any kind of work, really. As I’m still learning how to caricature I started back to practicing. This is today’s set of caricatures so far. Do you recognize them? Gosh, I hope so. My caricatures are more time consuming than they should be, but I think I’m getting the likeness down pretty well. 

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