To caricature or not to caricature


A cat caricature I made with help of Krita.

I have a few orders on hold as far as caricatures go. I delivered two yesterday but have not heard back as to whether or not they were received, liked or anything else. The lady who ordered them has been spending a lot of time at the hospital with her husband, so I don’t believe she’s ignoring me. Same lady who ordered the dogs, came back for cats.

The original drawings were done in blue charcoal pencil because it’s what I managed to grab out of my pencil bucket on my desk. You may not believe it if you saw them. I was able to use Krita64 to mute the color and scratch out something like fur. I like them. I just hope the customer does too because the style is a bit different from the dogs.


Another cat caricature made using Krita.

I have also been knitting and crocheting a little. I have another dishcloth, or maybe a face cloth on my hook right now and I just finished up the top of one of the three pillows I’ve been trying to work on. I wonder how many people remember that Pokémon is short for Pocket Monsters.

Electric mouse pocket monster.

Electric mouse pocket monster.

Also, I have made it to the Moogly blog! Woot! I’ve used a few of the patterns she’s shared on her blog before but in order to stay on her roll call I’d like to offer out some more love. I was going to give another go at a balaclava, but this time in crochet, after my next pillow is taken care of, of course. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I should really get to work. Much love to ewe!


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