A free pattern & more caricatures


A caricature of Johnny Depp in pencil.


A pencil caricature of Marilyn.


A pencil caricature of Timberlake.

I asked for suggestions on who to caricature on my FB page and had a few responses. These were done by those suggestions. I did not bother to use Krita to finish these, just used my pencil and typing paper to draw them out. Three caricatures.

I also made myself a purse. My purse-like wallet broke twice recently and I was getting worried about when the rest would give out so I made my own. I found the pattern on FaveCrafts through an email a few months ago and saved it. The pattern is called the Easy Paolo Purse by Cari Clement. Last year I bought this yarn thinking I’d make myself some finger-less gloves with them or something but never got around to it. I didn’t really count my rows to match the pattern, I just crocheted till the length felt right. The pattern suggests to line the bag because otherwise loose change and pens can fall through the stitching. Rather than paying for more material, I knit the interior in the same yarn. It put out a neat little pattern. There isn’t much on the pattern suggesting closures so I found a wooden button and crocheted a loop across two of the arches to hook over the button. In fear of that not being enough to stay without losing all of my stuff I went back and did a wrap that covers both sides of the button so that it doesn’t open if jiggled around. I like how it turned out. 🙂 The pattern would make a cute little clutch, especially if you change colors as it suggests rather than use a multi-color way as I did.

The colorway is Fruit Punch by Red Heart With Love.

The colorway is Fruit Punch by Red Heart With Love.

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