Still Alive!

Just a quick post to let you know I’m still here, just been preoccupied. My brother-in-law came and stayed for a while and my husband’s hours at work went from days to nights. I’ve been trying to keep the kids quiet and busy during the day so he can sleep.

Any how, here’s a great clip of a song from the movie The Croods, if you haven’t already seen it. 


The pattern can be found at

I’ll skip the caricatures and share my next art project with you once I get it going. I’m going to be practicing more with color and share my progress on character building. I have a few practice pieces set aside to work on and I’m still crocheting and knitting a bit here and there.

Here is my latest off the hook. The pattern can be found at MicahMakes. It is crochet, not knit and works up super quick. I did this in Peaches & Creme cotton called ombre.

Much love to ewe, as always!

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