My favorite thing ever is fantasy. I have been in love with fairies, mermaids, unicorns, etc since I can remember. It’s my greatest weakness and strength. The story I shared a while back is based around this knowledge and I love delving deeper into the fantasy world for research. 



In 2005 I sat down with a bunch of RoseArt color pencils and started to draw. I remember scribbling on it in a small coffee shop even. I only used pencils with either the word blue in the name or hues, shades, tints of blue. Blue-green, green-blue, turquoise, navy, etc. So when she was done, I had titled her ‘Blue Girl’. She was my undine. Meant to be alluring, sexy, and coaxing the onlooker into the waters with her, my husband fell in love. To date, he still claims she’s his favorite of the things I’ve done. So I had her put on a mug for him.

Fast forward to years later and that mug’s image has tiny chips in it and the brim, too, has a chip. He’s so upset, wondering how it happened, but yet continues to use it. The enamel, I suppose it’s called, is chipping around the base and interior of the mug as well and neither of us know how much longer it will last. 


Pulling it up in deviantArt tonight I dropped it into dA’s digital art program, Muro and set to work. I think she may be a bit better, but she’s no longer the pencils of before. I don’t know if this means he’ll like it or not but I do. 


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