Yeah, maybe it does have something to do with Michael, but even the psychiatrist agreed that she may be reflecting her fears or whatever in a way that is unhealthy for a woman her age.” TJ paused and stared down at her hands, fidgeting. “Her insanity chased Dad away.”

Mrs. Lowther had lost her husband decades ago and each time TJ brought up her missing father she felt a little guilty. Mrs. Lowther was in her 80s. A librarian for the city for nearly 50 years or more, TJ often came to her for advice when dealing with family issues, school problems or just growing up. TJ spent enough time at the library researching crime scene books and escaping from life that the two had become quite the pair. Mrs. Lowther was almost like a grandmother to TJ. She was the only person TJ felt she could truly confide. Someone she did not fear calling The Department of Child Protective Services and having her family torn apart, more than it already was, when talking about her mother’s insecurities. 

You don’t really believe that, do you, dear?” Mrs. Lowther said quietly, looking into TJ’s blue-grey eyes as they filled with tears. 

“Yeah, I do and I hate her for it,” she said through gritted teeth as the tears started to fall. “But I know there is no changing the past.” TJ sighed heavily. “I just wish she’d be more like a normal mom. I mean, sometimes I feel like Jane in that Peter Pan movie; I’m the only voice of reason in this family.” TJ sat up a little straighter after having slumped into her chair and wiped her tears with the back of her sleeve. Forcing a little smile she looked up at Mrs. Lowther across the table. The elderly woman was smiling sweetly back at her and it warmed her all over. Her smiles calmed her like music to the beast. Why couldn’t she be her mother? Or even her grandmother?

“Well,” Mrs. Lowther chuckled, “you do remember what happened to Jane in that movie, don’t you?”

“What, you mean when she got kidnapped by imaginary pirates?”

“No,” Mrs. Lowther smiled, her eyes twinkling. “She found a reason to believe.”

This is one of my favorite references in the story I’ve been working on and wanted to share it with you. Feedback is welcome. It has not been fully edited so critiques on punctuation are not necessary at this point, thanks. Yes, I believe in faeries. What do you believe in?

Until next time; much love to ewe!


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