FREE Crochet Pattern – Valentine’s Love & Olympic Spirit

A free pattern with lots of lovely alternatives for the embellishments. Very cute. Have a look.

Pattern Paradise

Introducing the Chameleon Hat – a hat with a changing personality!

Sooo… Lately, I’ve been in a very “heart-y” mood and wanted to design a quick, sweet Valentine’s hat.  As I was working up the design, my thoughts wandered to the Olympics and Team Spirit and I realized it would be pretty easy to convert my Valentine’s Love to Team USA Spirit. Then I had another thought (yes, my brain wanders a lot) –wouldn’t it be fun to take a simple hat and see how many ways I could convert it? So I decided to play a game. I named this the Chameleon Hat and each month I will be customizing it with a different theme. Stay tuned to see how the chameleon changes.  Let the games begin!
The first, a sweet Valentine’s hat in soft colors and embellished with a pretty heart. What little girl wouldn’t want this?IMG_0553 post  2.jpg

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3 thoughts on “FREE Crochet Pattern – Valentine’s Love & Olympic Spirit

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!!!I I had a little trouble copying the pattern, It wasn’t
    centered ,so I just proof read it and made the adjustments. Also I tried to get the directions for the
    star,but it said the page was unavailable. But again thank you for sharing.

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