FREE Crochet Pattern – Sachets and Trinkets

These can be done in worsted weight or crochet thread and both turn out amazing. So cute. I might have to make some for my daughter’s friends for school next week. She’s not mentioned anything about V day, so maybe I’ll just make some for her to give her teachers. 🙂

Pattern Paradise

Like many of you, I have so many little leftover balls of yarn.  Whenever I’m taking a break from designing or life, I try to figure out ways to use up those scraps.  I was doing just that while at the same time thinking of Valentine’s Day and this is what happened!Jewels for post.jpg

These little hearts can be used in so many ways, bunting, sachets, appliques or even little pockets to hold candy or treasures.  I filled mine with lavender and hung them in my closet.  That glorious scent perfumes the air as I walk into my bedroom and makes me smile.

sachet pouches post.jpg

Have fun with yours and please share your pictures or ideas with me too!  Find me on Facebook or send me an email.


Sachets of Love

I used DK weight yarn but you can use anything you like.  This is a great stash-buster. Use as many colors…

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