Gifts for Geeks

Some online friends and I have been working in an exchange for about a month now. We’ve grown together in our geekiness and have formed new bonds outside of the groups we already thrive together in. It’s been a blast, and it’s coming to an end. In just over a week, the packages we’ve been trading will finally be opened and all of our geekiness will be revealed.

We are all very excited about the unveiling and have tried, in most cases, to keep our identities secret from one another so that our giftee does not know who their gifters are. We haven’t given many hints to one another to reveal ourselves, but simply ask questions to the group as a whole, in hopes that the person we are creating/buying for will answer and we can find the perfect gift for them.

It is my first exchange. I’m so excited about bits and pieces of it that I’ve shared with other members I know are not my gifter, nor my giftee some of the things that have gone on behind the scenes. It’s been hard not to share with all of you too. I cannot though because if I do and someone sees, who shouldn’t yet, then I’ve spoiled the surprise.

I’ve two things that I’ve really excited about that I made during this exchange. One was for my giftee, and another was for someone else’s. I can’t give a sneak peek like the birthday gift, because it would give away too much on one of them, but for the other. I can offer you this image of my daughter holding one of the gifts and let you ponder along with the rest of us, what it could be.

A sneak, sort of, of one of the geeky gifts in the exchange.

A sneak, sort of, of one of the geeky gifts in the exchange.

Opening day is March 29th, unless everyone receives packages early enough that we can all open at least one (like Christmas Eve).

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