Happy St. George’s Day! Free Pattern Round-Up

A bit late but I wasn’t thinking of today as St George’s day. It’s my sister’s birthday and Earth day. That’s enough for me. But someone else did think of it and rounded up these for you. ❤

Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K

Here be dragons! Well and knights too – as today is St George’s Day (and I’m English) I thought I would celebrate crochet style with 7 free patterns to round up all things knights and dragons.


Knights Hood by lorajean’s Magazine

All dragon slayers need armour and I think this knights hood is just fabulous. Great for dress up fun but also practical keeping heads toasty in cooler weather.

Trusty Old Dobbin by Lion Brand

Every knight needs a trusty steed to take them on their quest and you don’t get more trusty than Dobbin.   I think he should be made in white for the classic St George look.

Fairy tale finger puppets by Melissa Mall

Have a miniature battle with these gorgeous finger puppets , great pattern for beginners and for using up bits and pieces in your yarn stash.

Dragon Slayer scarf by Julia Swartz

I love the look…

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