The child’s name is Violet, but when I tell the mother I’m playing around with Violet, she gets confused and concerned, I think, so the title is V. šŸ˜‰ V and I have been learning a new process for blending Prismacolor Pencils with odorless turpentine. It doesn’t always work the way I hope, but after many layers and blending with pencils, it’s still a learning experiment. I only planned on drawing the child for these sort of experimentations but her mother loved watching the drawing come to life and has since decided she must have it. Being a fan on my Facebook page, she’s also decided that she loved the peafowl background so I attempted to add a colorful sky to V that is similar. I found one to use as reference on Google that matches her outfit fairly nicely. I think the problem now is that V is getting a little lost in all of the colors. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “V

  1. I’d love to learn how to do this. I love your drawing , it almost reminds me of a watercolor. Thanks for sharing! If you would, tell me how to do this or where you learned it from. Thanks!

    • Oh! I love watercolor! I wish I could watercolor. Thank you for your compliments. This is Prismacolor pencil. They are a wax based pencil that blend well together. Each area is a few colors blended or highlighted with other colors. I can show the pencils and how they work, if you like. I don’t have a video to show, but I can take pictures, if you’re interested in more of a walk-through.

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