Summer and work

Summer was always fun as a kid. I remember chasing fireflies, playing Frisbee with cousins and my sister, ball in the yard, swimming at the lake, campfires with marshmallows on wire hangers. I’ve been attempting to give my kids the same kind of summers that I had while still trying to get work done and visiting with family.

We haven’t seen my family in two years. My son is 2 years, 8 months old so we’ve got some catching up to do. My parents, my grandmother, an aunt, and my sister have all been here for us to visit. We’ve had some cousins stop in that I grew up with along with their children. I’ve been trying to let my kids out more to celebrate nature, and finding things for us to do inside when the weather doesn’t cooperate. They are more into video games than arts and crafts though.

Aside from trying to be a decent parent, I’m still trying to get some work in while my mother watches over my wee ones. Thanks, Mom! I’ve gotten some more work done on the portrait I shared last. The digital drawing has been harder to work on, but it’s progressed since being here also. I’ve crocheted and knit a couple more minions, a hand bag was started, some washcloths and dish cloths made too… but I’ve been slacking a bit. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but a lot of this has been put aside for family.

I need a set schedule. So many hours a day dedicated to work. Same hours every day. Yeah, that sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Instead of staying up until 4 AM working, I can get sleep, still spend time with family and get work done too.

Hope you’re having a pleasant summer.



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