Getting ready for Valentines

Yes, I meant that as in plural up there. My middle kiddo is in school this year and is coming up on her first Valentine’s day among peers. I’ve been working on getting Valentine gifts ready for her classmates and teachers because I’m almost certain there will be a party or at least a card trade with treats. Now, we haven’t had this happen personally but I do know that children are able to have diabetes, food allergies, or other things that may make them feel a bit left out in these holiday celebrations. For the 100th day celebration we were asked to send 100 food items. I sent pretzels. Yeah, I forgot to account for gluten free items, but I was trying to think healthier than candy. Ya know what I mean, Vern?

SO… gearing up for the holiday I looked on Pinterest for ideas. I found crayons. I saw heart shaped crayons. Now, I don’t know how boys think this day and age, because my boy is still a snuggle bug, but I wanted something for girls and boys. I looked on Amazon and found some silicone molds in animal shapes and some in robot shapes. Lion is the class mascot, but I think the robots will go over well for all kids too so we made lots of robots and some animals too.

Silicone molds shaped these tiny wax figures.

Silicone molds shaped these tiny wax figures.

The white crayon looks a bit odd on them, but they turned out great otherwise. 🙂 I did use this post on Blogger as a guideline, but had to turn up the heat a bit, and keep them in for much longer. Also, the molds I purchased came with no instructions at all. I also plan to draw out some cards or something for the kids to use the crayons on right away. I hope this plan works out the way I picture. I want this first Vday to be awesome for my baby girl. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Valentines

    • Thank you. I was hopeful that I was being clever enough with this idea that the kids could have some fun with them and that no kid got left out for not being able to have candy. The shapes work for any holiday too, not just Vday. 🙂

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