KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 6

It’s that time again. Here’s square 6 in the crochet along.
I admit, I’m a bit behind. How are you in your squares?

Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K

Yay so it’s time for block 6!!! I can’t believe we are a quarter of the way finished already!

For meMoogly (aka designerTamara Kellyand crochet are synonymous! When I first started out re-learning crochet (and still now) this is the blog I follow for inspiration and fabulous tutorials – she is also the inspiration behind this CAL so I wanted to include one of her patterns. 

Amongst her amazing designs is our next block.  I’ve always been fascinated by mandalas and Tamara designed one in a square – perfect! A mandala (if you are not familiar with the term) loosely translated means “circle.  Mandalas can come in many forms and, in the creation, aid meditation – and who doesn’t need a bit of inner peace now and again. 

This square is available for free (and has been since July 2013) on theMoogly Blog

Magic Spike Mandala Square – 12″ by Tamara Kelly


  • Hook: UK 5.5 mm…

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