CAL 2015

Yeah, I pretty much let this project go. I started it for my son but he was too excited about receiving his own blanket that I had to make him one right away. I ended up trying out a c2c (corner to corner) design for him and used up some blues I had lying around.

For any one interested though, there were four more squares and a joining tutorial on Keep Calm and Crochet On UK’s site. The squares are quite lovely, but for my little man, I think I’ll have to pick and choose because he despises anything that looks too girly.

I haven’t stopped crocheting altogether though. I’ve been working on pillows and blankets on the side, and a few hats for the homeless and stuff in between. I had to hire someone to help me with some graphing for the pillows and turned to my pal Angela over at Crafty Ridge. Depending on the size of the graph, depends on the price, so I cannot say here, but if you’re interested in commissioning her for a graph, pop over and ask. She too has an amazing CAL, by the way. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, she has a  Harry Potter CAL on Facebook and her blog. The squares are done in c2c or bobble design and can be used for pillows or a large afghan, depending on your gauge.

After the current projects though, my husband has requested that I no longer take specified commissions and just create to have fun. So 2016 will be dedicated to personal growth in art. I may try and write a pattern as well to see if I can. Hope you all are doing well. Thanks for stopping by!

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