I have a few things on the drawing board, needles, and hooks that I hope to share with you soon.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already met them, here’s Simon’s Cat. My kids are addicted to this YouTube channel. 


Getting Busy!!

Get your mind out of the gutter, I didn’t mean that kind of ‘getting busy’. (Though my husband would like for it to be.)

I did more work for the ever crazy Thing 1 and she shared the results on Facebook. I now have about four caricature orders to work on and I’m still working to get crochet pillows done and out. I started the pikachu pillow today and I’m still wrapping up the ottoman cover. I had to go with another pattern idea on the cover because my copying the throw the customer had given me left me with a constantly curling edge. I was going nuts so I had to dig for something similar. I promise to share pictures of those later, but here’s what’s gotten my business the most hits it’s had in ages:

The caricature with reference photos thanks to PhotoGrid.

The caricature with reference photos thanks to PhotoGrid.

And if you can believe it, she’s not done there. She has plenty more images in mind she’d like me to work on. We’re almost doing a comic together, so I’m going to have to put my own personal comic on hold until I can get through these orders. ❤ I never thought I'd get to say that.

Much love to ewe! Oh and hey, stop by my Facebook page! I’ve made it over 100 Likes and plan a give away!

Prep work

SO… a bit ago I mentioned that for my new year’s resolution, because we Americans are good at setting goals and then ignoring them, I was going to aim to work on a web comic. I started a WordPress site ages ago for the exact purpose of using it for a comic and never did anything with it. Like I said, we Americans are good at being lazy.

The reason behind the comic is not that I have an idea, necessarily, but that I often dream of illustrating for children’s books and/or magazines. The problem with going full steam ahead with this is that though I can do portraits, I struggle with character design. I can make a drawing and it’ll be cute and stuff, but giving it a personality that is easily understood, giving it emotions and different expressions, is something I often struggle with. In a portrait, people smile and sit still, mostly, so different expressions aren’t a key point. I have practiced with the idea before.


An older expression practice I did in 2010.

I still have a long way to go on this and I’ve seen how web comic artists grow when working on their comics. They may start out with an idea but the artwork is simplistic or minimal but as it progresses their art and story grow. It’s pretty amazing to watch. I feel like I grow with them in a way, though I’m not doing anything but sitting by watching.

By now you get what I mean. The idea of the comic is to practice character design and giving characters real depth in order to, hopefully, one day illustrate for kids. I got Tom Bancroft’s book on Creating Characters when I ordered yarn a while back, and thanks to my brother-in-law I also have both of Mark Crilley’s Mastering Manga books. I just don’t feel like it’s enough to want it, to practice with books on how to do it, but to take it a step further. What about Will Terry and Shane Lewis in School of Visual Storytelling? Not that I’m being cheap, but the starter class is only $20 and is about Character Design, which is what I’m aiming for here. It’s the start that I need, right? It’s an option.

Gosh, I can’t believe it’s almost 2014 already.

Character Design from School of Visual Storytelling

SkADaMo ~ Day 23 (late)

My first comic

It’s official. Krita hates me. I’ve been fighting with this program for the past 6 hours to get this done to post and as close as I am, I still can’t add text! I’m so very frustrated. Argh!!

Well, anyway. I drew another sketch… technically it was last night now, for Sketch A Day Month and scanned it in to post. I thought since I already had all of the components for the “comic strip” I would go ahead and piece it all together. BUT, since I can’t get the text to work, or the program to at least keep responding to me without shutting down, I’ll tell you here what they are saying.

Panel 1: Hello. My name is Frankie. Are you ready to order?
Panel 2: Yes. I’d like to devour the unborn, feast on the flesh of animals and drink the blood of the earth.
Panel 3: Waitress: Um… eep. Mom: What he means is he’d like some eggs, bacon and orange juice.

Regardless of the missing text, I do hope you enjoyed my first ever comic. The joke was extended, but came from my oldest daughter. I have no idea where she got it.