The booties

The pattern I started with got and update and changed a wee bit so the pink booties are a tad different than the white ones, but they were all from Fancy Bird Designs Fancy Sandal pattern. They turned out so well that I ran out to a craft store a few hours away to buy more beads and thread to try them in a different color. I’ll have to mix and match though because the flowers and ribbon are a bit harder to come by.

I hand washed these in the sink with Tide Free & Gentle and then stuffed them with dry paper towels. The weather was nice that day so I put them on my ironing board and sat them in the sun for a faster dry. I used the sun and a baby blanket I’m working up now as a backdrop for the final photos. Kind of nice, right?

Using Hodge Podge's tutorial shared in the last post, I shaped these four sets of booties.

Using Hodge Podge’s tutorial shared in the last post, I shaped these four sets of booties.


Before shaping and adding ribbon to the top edge, I filled the booties with polyfil to keep shape while sharing progress with a client.


Here is the final result. Cute pattern, great shaping tutorial. They were hand washed in Tide Free & Gentle and stuffed with dry paper towels.


Gifts for Geeks

Some online friends and I have been working in an exchange for about a month now. We’ve grown together in our geekiness and have formed new bonds outside of the groups we already thrive together in. It’s been a blast, and it’s coming to an end. In just over a week, the packages we’ve been trading will finally be opened and all of our geekiness will be revealed.

We are all very excited about the unveiling and have tried, in most cases, to keep our identities secret from one another so that our giftee does not know who their gifters are. We haven’t given many hints to one another to reveal ourselves, but simply ask questions to the group as a whole, in hopes that the person we are creating/buying for will answer and we can find the perfect gift for them.

It is my first exchange. I’m so excited about bits and pieces of it that I’ve shared with other members I know are not my gifter, nor my giftee some of the things that have gone on behind the scenes. It’s been hard not to share with all of you too. I cannot though because if I do and someone sees, who shouldn’t yet, then I’ve spoiled the surprise.

I’ve two things that I’ve really excited about that I made during this exchange. One was for my giftee, and another was for someone else’s. I can’t give a sneak peek like the birthday gift, because it would give away too much on one of them, but for the other. I can offer you this image of my daughter holding one of the gifts and let you ponder along with the rest of us, what it could be.

A sneak, sort of, of one of the geeky gifts in the exchange.

A sneak, sort of, of one of the geeky gifts in the exchange.

Opening day is March 29th, unless everyone receives packages early enough that we can all open at least one (like Christmas Eve).

The Queen

I have an elderly female client I’ve been working on and off for about a year now. She always requests ripple type blankets and always larger than needed for the person receiving. For example, I’ve made baby blankets to fit a twin sized bed. She wants them to grow with the baby. I like the idea, but not the timing. Two weeks ago she asked me to make a queen size ripple blanket and wanted it done in a week. O.O Yes, really. A week.
Problem with this is that I have three kids, a husband, and plenty of other orders and exchanges going that a week is impossible to do. I told her I would try. Now it’s been two weeks and it’s still not done. I’ve had other projects to finish in that time too so I keep starting and stopping trying to finish this blanket and keep on target with other clients.
I think I’ll do as a friend suggested and cut ties after this blanket is done because I can’t keep up with her demands and run the rest of this business venture too. She seems to think she’s my only customer, even though I’ve told her time and time again that I have other projects going too.


About 1/3 to 1/2 done with this queen blanket.

What would you do?

Gloves and Goofy Minion

For the giveaway gifts I had on my business type Facebook page, I made a small set of finger-less gloves and this Goofy Minion. The pictures make him look Goofy but I didn’t think he looked so silly in person. Image
I’ve shared the pattern for the gloves in previous posts, but the minion was a new one for me. I had to adjust everything on it to make it work and took a lot longer than expected to finish. I won’t share the pattern here because of these reasons. I will be making more like him though because my son and younger daughter just adored him.Image

The T.A.R.D.I.S.

I was recently in two test groups. One for a hat and one for a time machine. 

The time machine is being released by Little Treasures by Nancy in about a week. She did a fabulous job on it and I was happy to be able to test for her. Image

Wanted to share with you since I’m not able to post much lately. Been working on tests, items for giveaways and a couple of orders. Busy! Busy! 

Oh and here’s one half of an order you might like too. More fandom, yeah! Hat pattern from Fibreandspice.

Fan fiber art.

Fan fiber art.

A give-away and some mitts


Finger-less gloves made using snappyknits Cafe au Lait pattern on Craftsy.


Same pattern used for these, which can also be found on Ravelry.

I have joined in a give-away on Facebook with other vendors and due to the publicity from others, I have obtained over 200 Likes. Separate from the first give-away, I’m having my own personal give-away to celebrate. I am offering four choices in prizes and may decide to choose more than one winner. (I’ve not decided yet.) Would love to have you join me there and perhaps win a prize.

Besides having made these finger-less gloves recently I have an order for some Jayne Cobb hats, and a queen size blanket. I also have some drawings in progress that I’ll share later. Jayne Cobb is waiting for the yarn to be delivered and the queen size blanket is the same waves that I’ve been doing on all of the blankets I’ve done lately. I have one woman who asks for the blankets, and I’ve tried to mix it up a bit without straying too far from her requests. I’ll share as I go on this one. 🙂

I do hope you are doing well. Drop a line and tell me what’s going on in your world. I would love to see what you’re working on.

FREE Crochet Pattern – Valentine’s Love & Olympic Spirit

A free pattern with lots of lovely alternatives for the embellishments. Very cute. Have a look.

Pattern Paradise

Introducing the Chameleon Hat – a hat with a changing personality!

Sooo… Lately, I’ve been in a very “heart-y” mood and wanted to design a quick, sweet Valentine’s hat.  As I was working up the design, my thoughts wandered to the Olympics and Team Spirit and I realized it would be pretty easy to convert my Valentine’s Love to Team USA Spirit. Then I had another thought (yes, my brain wanders a lot) –wouldn’t it be fun to take a simple hat and see how many ways I could convert it? So I decided to play a game. I named this the Chameleon Hat and each month I will be customizing it with a different theme. Stay tuned to see how the chameleon changes.  Let the games begin!
The first, a sweet Valentine’s hat in soft colors and embellished with a pretty heart. What little girl wouldn’t want this?IMG_0553 post  2.jpg

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