HoHoDooDa/Illustration Friday combo

I believe that children and animals can see the spirits we cannot.

I realize I’ve been missing in action here and I apologize. My brother-in-law unexpectedly popped in a few days ago and has been staying with us. Between the kids, my b-i-l, my husband’s overtime at work, and these socks, I’ve been preoccupied. I have one sock done and am about 1/3 through the second. I believe if I do toe up again in this size that I may widen the toe area. My personal preference is to have a wide area rather than a pointy area around the toes. I hate shoes that have pointed toes too. Might be because my feet are wide, might be because I haven’t seen anyone with actual pointed toes. Either way, I have to make the socks match so I’m going fairly pointed.

I wanted to do a HoHoDooDa and couldn’t think of anything to draw so I headed over to Illustration Friday and found the current subject there is ‘Spirit’. What comes to mind when I think of spirit is spirits, plural, as in ghosts, or fairies. I think of animal spirits and human spirits, and fae traveling through portals that may feel, sound, smell, or look like spirits. I believe that children and animals can see spirits better than we can and with the HoHoDooDa being a Wintry topic, I found this reference on Pinterest. I was captured immediately. Didn’t even bother to follow the link or anything. I just dug out my pad and mechanical pencil and went to town. Wasn’t until afterward that I clicked to follow through and found that the image was taken by a photographer. For these sorts of instances I think you should ask permission but as I’m not selling the image, but merely doodling it for fun, I think it may be okay. But as an artist myself, I must give credit where it is due so please check out the photography talents of Karen Khan. She’s also on Facebook if you want to follow her.

Thanks for stopping by. Much love to ewe where ever you are.


SkADaMo ~ Day 24


Shadow Wash
I’ve never washed my shadow out
In all the time I’ve had it.
It was absolutely filthy I supposed,
And so today I peeled it off
The wall where it was leaning
And stuck it in the washtub
With the clothes.
I put in soap and bleach and stuff,
I let it soak for hours,
I wrung it out an dhung it out to dry,
And whoever would have thunk
That it would have gone and shrunk
For now it’s so much
Littler than I.
~ Shel Silvertein

Today’s sketch is doubly inspired. Shadow as suggested by Illustration Friday and Shadow Wash by Shel Silverstein as quoted from Where the Sidewalk Ends.

SkADaMo ~ Day 15


So technically this is late, but only by about half an hour. Took a bit longer to get the poses I was looking for than I had thought. Annnny way… My three kids like to tie objects around their waists and run around the house pretending to be cats or puppies, or horses. I did this with my younger sister when I was a kid too so I’m not opposed to helping them tie a ribbon or belt around their waists to look a bit like a tail.

Thanks to Illustration Friday for another drawing idea.